handmade sporrans and celtic leatherwork

handmade sporrans and celtic leatherwork

handmade sporrans and celtic leatherworkhandmade sporrans and celtic leatherworkhandmade sporrans and celtic leatherwork



About Us

Handcrafted Designs


 Highland Leather Works was founded in 1996 after my good friend Captain Paul Anderson (who knew I made things, and that I did taxidermy on the side) asked me to make him a beaver sporran....I had made fur hats for years, so Leather Work and Fabricating things from fur skins seemed a natural transition from sheet metal pattern making, welding, and layout, which was my stock in trade when not playing music.  With my background in taxidermy (since I was 11 years old), I am one of, if not the only, sporran maker doing his own taxidermy on the animal mask sporrans...and our heads are properly mounted, not just stuffed with cotton, like many out there.  

 We have attended many, many Scottish Festivals and Irish Feis's in the east over the years as vendors.  These include:  Quechee Vermont Scottish Festival, Garden State Scottish Festival, Fredricksburg Virginia Celtic Festival and Highland Games, Scotland Ct. Highland Festival, Rhode Island Scottish Festival, Rockland County Feis(NY), and Winters Heritage House Scot's-Irish Festival, Elizabethtown, Pa.  For many years,we did a lot of wholesale work for many well known Scottish and Irish import shops and kilts makers and dealers...I have made and sold sporrans all over the USA, and  in Scotland,Ireland, Canada, England, Australia, and Europe. 

Unlike many sellers of sporrans, Highland Leather Works, when at a Festival, has the shop open, the doctor is in!  We do repairs and custom work all day long at festivals, and we rarely, if ever, are just seated selling things, like most vendors who buy and re-sell.  We make what we sell, and make some of it that day on the festival grounds!  It is great fun, and is part of the days entertainment!  Sometimes we even play music in the booth!

Committed to Quality


At Highland Leather Works, we use the finest leather, skins, hides, and fur available on the market, and we have some of the best suppliers in North America.  The same is true of our hardware and adhesives, we never try to scrimp or save money by using second rate materials.  You cannot make the best products on the market if you start out using second rate material, which we have never done, and never will!!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


All Highland Leather Works Sporrans are guaranteed for life(of the original purchaser) against defects in workmanship or material, and the same is said about everything we make!  In 22 years of Sporran making, not one has ever come back, which I think says it all!!

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